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There are several versions as to the natural purpose of why the zebra has stripes: one of the more credulous being against predators.  When thrown into a herd of zebras, it is impossible to concentrate one’s focus on any one of them, for everything immediately starts flashing around. I don’t exactly know why, as I have never put myself in the skin of a lion pretending to hunt for a zebra, but when you do land up among a large herd, then one’s head really does start to hurt with stripes running and flashing around all over the place.

The African (plain) zebra or Burchell’s zebra (Equus quagga burchellii) has a wide natural habitat and covers southern and eastern Africa.Burchell’s zebra doesn’t figure on the list of protected species and goods that are derived from them are permitted for export sales.
The specific characteristics of Burchell’s zebra (pictured below left) are stripes which lead away from the underbelly, and in the same manner a shady brown midway stripe, which quite throw a person never having seen a zebra close-up or in mass quantities, into a certain state of bewilderment and indignation.  Yes, quite!  They’re not all black and white but have brown inter-stripes. So, the story of the black and white zebra, by kid's writers can be forgotten straight away! What’s more, they never even made it to Africa.

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