Hunting in Zimbabwe

Tokkroos Safari offering number of Hunting' venues around Zimbabwe like as Omey, Save Valley, Kariba Lake and others.

Please help us to offer the best Hunting for nyou, based on Your desire and wishes.

Here you can find few hot offers:


7 day Bull BUFFALO hunt @ U$ 1500-00 Per Day

TROPHY FEE: U$ 7500-00


10 day BULL / COW BUFFALO hunt @ U$1500-00 Per Day

TROPHY FEE: U$ 4000-00

Additional Plains game animals may be hunted on a trophy fee basis.


baboon 75-00

bushpig 300-00

bushbuck 850-00

crocodile 5000-00

duiker 200-00

eland 1100-00

hippo 4000-00

hyeana 650-00

impala 300-00

kudu 1100-00

reedbuck 550-00

warthog 450-00

waterbuck 1850-00

wildebeeste 850-00

zebra 1100-00


All Pricing is done in US DOLLAR

Other big game such as Hippo and Crocodile can also be done as a combination with the Buffalo, but we would need to know this in advance.


Dip, pack & Trophy Fees 2% Government levy on day rates camp staff & PH gratuities 4% levy on trophy fees Boat fee if boat is required

This package is exclusively for our Zimbabwean area which is situated in the Omey Region with our hunting area exceeding 500 000 Acres of presteen wilderness. Our hunters are accommodated in Comfortable Chalets with on suite bath rooms and will be treated to our African style tasty local dishes

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