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About us

Welcome to Tokkroos Ltd Safari' World.

Company was founded in 1993 originally as educational support agency. At the moment we are offering very rare adventure product on Baltic and European market. Our specialist and contractors are experienced and trained in field guiding, hunting and safari.

As well we create unusual product such as Teenager' Adventure Expeditions and support conservaiton and anti-poaching activities in Africa, South America and Asia.

Tokkroos Safari working on TailorMade base, so all pricing and routes, presented on this web-site are subject to changing and give you general understanding of our abilities and possibilities.

We are deal with any adventure ideas and any budgets of our clients. 

Just send your enquiry to us and let us helping you in tailoring of your own adventure with Tokkroos Safari!


Yours in Adventure,

Slava E. Chernykh

managing partner